Saturday, August 14, 2010

Middle Malaysia is Zhongguo or Zhong Ma? U tell me!!!

Just as I was feeling a breath of fresh air wafting pass with this article based on Nazir's viewpoints Strength in diversity, beyond the rhetoric, another article really caught my ticklish ribs with its absurdity. Read more here.It is another one of those articles which blasts a particular race and shoots at the easiest target - the Penang CM, but the sad thing is, the writer chose not to verify the truth. And even when the truth has already been out open to every Joe Public, the writer keeps spinning the same malicious lies.

I believe every reasonable Malaysian will know how to distinguish between lies and truth, and to try to rebut this joker will be a terrible insult to my precious time and effort. But however, the purpose of my postings are very clear - when speaking our minds, we should do it responsibly. The basic rule which governs our very existence dictates that we should always speak the truth and do no wrong. Both of which the joker has trampled upon. Maybe he has run out of ideas or issues to raise but of which he has a dateline to meet because he is being paid to do so, but tolong lah, do write something which tickles the mind not anywhere else.

Let us set the record straight, middle Malaysia is calling upon all Malaysians who love this country to take the middle path in all our endeavours. Not the left, not the right, not any part of extremism - be it when eating, driving, sharing viewpoints etc..

The Chinese name of Zhong guo literally means middle Kingdom, where the ancients regarded themselves as being middle of the universe - well before the time when people finally discovered that they will not fall off the earth if they try to travel too far.

I cannot fathom how Zhongguo can ever be in any way linked to any threats of any particular race dominating nor colonising the other. If in today's scenario, China itself is more pre occupied with forging economic advancement for its peoples, the idea of planting flags on foreign lands belongs to at least 500 years ago.

So why the insecurity?

We want prosperity, we want advancement, progress and we want to do it together - as Malaysians! as one Malaysia - if you so desire.

And oh, by the way, middle Malaysia is Zhong Ma. for you anyone?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Honour to serve

I felt compelled to write again after a few weeks of hectic work schedule.


I am not directly involved… - financial

Teen shot dead in Shah Alam incident - security

Another teen assaulted and shot -security

Stolen car found - security

The events of 3 weeks past have been quite heady to say the least. Tons and tons of newsprint have been produced that involves the few subject matters above. But what really irks the ordinary man like me, is that there is no longer any sense of honour nor accountability amongst our men holding office anymore.

The simplest and basic denomination for anyone holding high office is honour.

Honour to serve King and Country.

Honour to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land.

Trust and responsibility is bestowed upon the shoulders of the ordinary man to carry out his duties responsibly. He serves the country and the institution that he represents. In any job, be it public or private sector, responsibilities that come with holding high level management will mean having to oversee many other departments – effectively overseeing other personnel and their responsibilities as well.

Simple logic will mean that authority, commands and instructions will be passed down the line and each and everyone will have their roles to play.

Here we have the feeling that high positions will mean the carte blanche to bark out orders.

But I guess that only in Malaysia, the view is that orders have to only go one way – orders must go down to subordinates. But responsibility or otherwise known as Sh*t must never go up.

Time and again, we hear of security issues, financial mis-management, scandals etc but never have there been anyone honourable enough to take responsibility for the fiascos. Save except for one in recent memory – Zaid

Hundreds of millions are lost through incompetent management of GLCs and public office, lives are lost through lackadaisical/irresponsible implementation of orders and instructions, but never we hear of anyone MAN enough to admit that Sh*t actually happened during his watch and take responsibility for it.

To all you holding high office up there and squandering the nation’s resources and good name, be a MAN – admit that you were not good enough to manage the people below you and it resulted in the fiascos. Admit it like a MAN. Not hide behind some political powers and obscure spin in the media and hope the issue will blow away after a week or two.

Please do not mix honour with ego.

During my Father’s generation, Men went about their work with Honour.

Today, many go about with their inflated ego.

That’s the difference between then and now.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I broke out laughing loudly at the last few sentences of this article sent in by an anonymous writer. It was the writer's way of getting back at Sharizat for mocking the RM100 that was given out recently to old people in Penang. Uncouth it may be, but somehow I felt that it was really the exact words that all of us want to tell to the whole lot of plundering and greedy politicians. It really best describes our state of mind and our 'best wishes' to the politicians.

An excerpt from the same article here:

"A Morgan Stanley analyst estimated that between 1984 and 2003, RM360 billion was siphoned off by Umnoputras and their cronies. The Auditor-General’s Report bears ample testimony to the plunder of the nation’s wealth."

Somehow, I find the figure above hard to believe. Consider this, 13 states and tens of ministries, and the amount allegedly siphoned was 2B per year? Kid me not.

I believe the estimate is off tangent by at least 3-5 times. The real figure, we will never know unless we have the muscle like Obama to pry open the swiss banking secrecy laws. 2B per year to me is a gross under estimate.

In recent memory, PKFZ, Perwaja, submarine, sukhoi etc - all in billions category and all too many zeroes unaccounted for.

The period in question was when we had impressive growth. There were times when the economy stumbled and hiccuped, you can be sure there was always the stimulus plans and mid term packages to keep the registers clinking.

Even though Sharizat seems a nice enough lady, her comments to mock the RM100 really unmasks the real arrogant face of our top politicians. Probably to her Rm100 is not enough to fill the petrol for her car, but hey, it is still good money to us struggling rakyat. To cynically condemn another person's act of good faith while sorely lacking charitable initiatives of her own really puts the icing on the cake.

The act of giving, no matter how big or small is always welcomed in any society.

Moreover, taken against the backdrop of a State government which is struggling to balance its own income and expenditure, then it is all the more noble. Already I am struggling to keep up but you can have this Rm100, that's all I can spare for the moment.

Sad to say, I am not yet silver hair category, so not yet a recipient of the Rm100. But if the little island down south can give back a few hundred yearly, I can still carry on wishing that my government here will likewise come up with the same.

I can earn the said amount through my own effort and without crutches, but it is just my wish to receive, not so much for extra spending, but to know that big brother up there in Putrajaya do care. It will be nice to know that I am not just another IC number, or another number in the LHDN files. Just to have the warm fuzzy feeling of being appreciated.

Dear Sharizat, once you have a noble scheme up and running ( let's hope its not for some by-election or GE ), please email me. I would love to write an article to put you in good light.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This artlcle really jolted me tonight.

I am not a fan of dry economic data or commentaries. But what stuck out like a sore thumb was this figure from the article:

"The central government bore RM362.5 billion of debt last year, accounting for 52.4 per cent of Gross National Product (GNP). If the government does not control its spending, I am afraid that the government bond rating may fall, leaving the debt on the shoulders of our descendants."

In layman's terms, for every RM1 that was earned, we had to borrow an additional 50sen. And correct me if I am wrong, this will either mean that future generations will have to pay for the debt, either through reduced spending or printing more money.
Reduced spending will mean less services and capital expenditure or renewal for future generations while printing more money will mean higher inflation, reduced purchasing power for future generations.

Any way that you read it, the future looks gloom. You can attend the most optimistic motivational talk, yellow or blue ocean, whatever eagle philosophy or seeing you at the top, the sad fact remains to the purchasing power of our ringgit.

The message being sent out is very clear - grab all you can today, convert it into another currency and you will be worth much more when the ringgit is in a freefall later. I am not trying to be unpatriotic here, I am just trying to see how all this will affect me in the future - a Malaysian who does not accept emigration as an option nor even as a discussion topic. I am Malaysian through and through.

As it is, middle income Malaysians find great trouble to balance their household expenditure vs. their income every month. 10 years ago, I can make do with all the necessities + little savings + some surplus left for some little luxuries.
Today, not only I find it hard to balance the necessities, savings are at a bare minimum and don't even mention having a weekend meal at KFC as being luxury.

I guess this really gives the real meaning to 'living dangerously'. Living dangerously because there isn't much left for buying health insurance, education savings for my children and retirement expenses once I get too old and weak to work and essentially any form of savings.

Those who are well connected gets parcels of land in prime areas to develop another white elephant, leaking buildings and unsinkable submarines while we ordinary folks have to tighten our belts and make do with rojak without the sotong or nasi lemak without the fried chicken.

What really happened to Malaysia the past 10 years?

2 months before Raya, we scramble to pull strings to get stalls to sell Raya stuff. It is the same 2 months before Chinese new year or Christmas. We scramble and toil hard to get some new clothes for the kids. We take it as blessing or rezeki when we make a little extra to have a joyous celebration. Once the few days of holidays are over, we are back to the sad routine for the next 11 months, eagerly awaiting the month end to check the ATM.

It flew past me, and suddenly I am jolted into reality that RM4000 per month just is not enough to sustain my family. I believe that many millions of Malaysians fall within this category, and I also strongly believe that many of us get into trouble by the 10th of every month, sweating and cursing so that month end comes faster.

It is not because that we are big spenders, not because we are lazy nor is it because we are not intelligent enough. Frankly, my friend, it is because of the systematic abuse of our system that we are here today.

For want of a better future, I am apppealing to the Government, there are struggling Malaysians, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban , Kadazan, Dayak etc.. Please do not only enrich the division leaders, or the warlords or little napoleons. The masses of rakyat is finding it hard to get by.

Dear YB!

Why does it have to be like this?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Middle Malaysia

I first toyed with the idea of writing a blog entitled 'Dear YB' 2 weeks back. It was supposed to be site where all Malaysians can send their photos, videos, grouses, complaints, opinions etc regarding clogged drains, potholes, street lights, you name it, and was to be highlighted for all Malaysians to see the sad state of administration we are in today. The frustration of waiting for it to be published in the newspapers or getting some response from the authorities will be like striking lottery. Hence the need for such a site so as to create urgency to get some repairing done. (Hopefully!)

The site was to be barometer to show which Majlis Perbandaran was slacking or which MP did not turun padang after getting elected.

Be it BN or PR ruled, we as rakyat demand for better services.

I got sidetracked a bit the past couple of days and my thoughts drifted from the pot hole story. Events at the turn of the weekend left a very dry taste in my mouth. Just a mere 3 hours flight time away from us, in Bangkok, 20+ people died when the army opened fire on demonstrators. I am not a fan of the Yellow shirts or the Red shirts nor profess to have a deep understanding of Thai politics.

But I do care for my Malaysia.

I felt more strongly for this topic - Middle Malaysia. After reading and seeing the video below, I put my simple english to work to come up with this site to rally for all Malaysians to take the middle path - middle Malaysia.

I believe that for whatever reasons there may be, rational discussion and the middle path shall and MUST ALWAYS be the best course.

I am a plain simple person who respects Humanity regardless of race, colour or creed.

No matter how you clothe it, skin it, mask it or smoke screen it, Malaysia will be my Malaysia. A simple google search for 'middle Malaysia' yielded 75M results. The reasons for jostling to reclaim the bragging rights stems from the fact that there are millions of us who are in the majority who are rational but who are not vocal. We do not hold rallies nor banners to proclaim our thoughts. We do not hold press conferences nor write memorandums, parade nor demonstrate our state of mind and our love for our country.

But we hold the VOTE!
Politicians are beholden to us, not the other way around.

Call it middle Malaysia, 1 Malaysia, Malaysian Malaysia, work with me not for me, walk the talk, KPIs etc - all we want to see is a just and fair Malaysia for all. No need for grandiose schemes and no need for screaming billboards to proclaim it. We need to see the actual substance, not the rhetorics.

Join me in this cause.

Let me know your definition of middle Malaysia and 1Malaysia.

Send me your comments and aspirations.

PS- 1: Condolences to those who passed away fighting for their democratic rights in Bangkok.

2: dearYB site is being conceived and time permitting will be up soon.

The below video is taken from

Violent as it may seem, we can make some simple conclusion from this short clip.

Democratic rights have to be exercised judiciously.
There are always the trouble makers in any society - the anarchists if you may so label them.
Prolonged pent up frustrations will only serve to antagonise both parties to their tethers.
But most importantly, no cause or conflict shall be so difficult to resolve that it warrants the taking away of a person's life.

It is not recommended for those under 18 years of age as it depicts some very horrendous scenes especially from 15 second onwards.

Uploaded by LoveRedBkk. - Up-to-the minute news videos.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I like this article by Zeffri.

Zeffri gives his take on why Perkasa have got their admirers - tribalism. He also clearly states his disagreement with their 'struggle' and his reasoning is that tribalism was in vogue when Man was in awe of the thunder. Not anymore now in the age of fibre optics and HD.

His article is exactly what we all in Middle Malaysia subscribe to , but just plain lazy, tidak apa or powerless to swim against the mainstream media spin.

You have to give it to him - Mr Tongkat Ali - couple of acres of extra balak were chopped down to print the newspapers that were selling well with stories of his tribal struggle.

I am not against any race or religion. I am just against people using race or religion to create divisions, enmity or hatred against another. And I am especially allergic to people who use race or religion as justification to promote and market themselves. That's capitalism at its worst!

But what bewilders me is why Mr Tongkat Ali have got so much hatred for another tribe? Can anyone enlighten me? Did he have a disturbed childhood?

I am trying to understand the pscyhe of Tongkat Ali. What drives people like him to spew continous hatred against another? Is it for the want of attention ? The adrenaline rush? Branding and positioning for economic gain?

Economic justification?
I believe that for the past 2 months, their agenda was very much in the economic sphere and the protection and continuation of certain special agenda. Will it be more for himself or his tribe? At the exclusion of others? Including those of the same tribe but who does not share their same philosophy?

It seems that everything he says, his tribe MUST be first among equals. He wants pre eminence and everything must be "pre" in all aspects for him. And...he will be the champion for the "pre"s.

Then, a sobering question for Tongkat Ali:

Why can't you define your tribe to include ALL in Malaysia? Why can't you see beyond the pagar of your home, that we have Malaysians of all colours, from Kangar to JB, Port Klang to Kuantan, and of course Sabah and Sarawak.

We can succeed if we pool together - all as one. Just don't look within your own sub-set to define one. Look at MALAYSIA as a whole for the definition of one.

Middle Malaysia is about living together in harmony, and with harmony, we get economic advancement, the pie gets bigger for everyone. By pitting in our skills and strengths together today, we can one day compete against the world.

But we do not need tribalism to get in the way anymore. 30-40 years ago, we were competitive and up and coming. we were the model nation for many newly independent states. Then, we went off tangent a little. We stumbled a bit here and there.

But we shall dust off the setbacks and we shall soar again. We need to undo the bad habits of the past 22 years-oops! or rather the past 30-40 years. But we need to do it together.

Competing as 28 million Malaysians gives us more leverage and competitiveness as opposed to going out there as sub-set 18million, sub-set 7million, sub-set 2million, sub-set 1 million etc..

Mr Tongkat Ali, read my lips.

Spell : M-A-L-A-Y..don't stop..S-I-A !